Warne ware of non league opponants

Last updated : 02 December 2019 By Millersmad

With the Moor's sitting pretty in 2nd place in the National League, Warney isnt underestimating them.

"I don't see it as a David and Goliath type game. They are second in the conference and they played Stockport midweek and won 4-1. They had 10 ex-pros in their starting XI. They've conceded the least amount of goals and won the most home games." he told the clubs official website.

"They are a club on the up, who have invested well in their team. "They're used to winning. I don't want to build it up as this romantic; 'we're playing a non-league village team, who get the butcher and the electrician to play' because that is not the case. We're playing a proper outfit, who are used to winning and play in a way that is really effective for them.

"We're going to have to really stand up. If we're fortunate enough to get through it will be because we've played at our absolute best." he added.