Warne pleased to bring Woggy back

Last updated : 06 December 2019 By Millersmad

Warney spoke to themillers.co.uk about bringing 43 year old Andy Warrington back to the club as Goalkeeping coach.

"I'm really pleased that we've been able to bring him in. I've kept in contact with Andy over the years and I really like him, he did brilliantly at Grimsby before Lincoln paid a fee to get him out of there and he's had massive success there too,”

"When I had my testimonial he couldn't do enough for me and he was a proper professional who just wants to win, but he's a Rotherham lad and a Millers fan. 

"He didn't know I was offering the job when I called him initially and he asked if I could phone him back another time as he was on the train with his wife, so I gave him another buzz and told him about it, but I told him to think about it before letting me know.”

"This was about three weeks ago so this has been festering for a while, but he called me back in 30 seconds to say 'of course I want to come' and he was really emotional on the phone, We just had to organise things with Lincoln. They've been really good, They had to replace him, obviously, and it was a longer process than we wanted really."

"He has a strong link with Rotherham United and his Mum is buzzing, so it will be fantastic to have him in. As sad as it is to see Polly go, it's 'next man up' as it always is in football which is a sport that's evolving all of the time."

"I'm really pleased with Woggy. He's been great with the keepers since he's been here. He is just a really good, upstanding human being. He 'gets' the club. He's a brilliant bloke and I've always kept in contact with him, ever since he finished playing."

"He probably brings different qualities to Polly. No-one can be as stupidly funny as Polly because he's just like a freak. Woggy is really good on set-pieces. He comes from a different angle, which is quite nice. It's a bit of a 'refresh' button because they've done things differently at Lincoln to how we've done them here."