Warne - I'll miss Polly

Last updated : 06 December 2019 By Millersmad

"He will definitely be missed. I love Polly and he's done virtually three years here after arriving during the very dark times, and he was getting up to leave his house at 5am every morning so I can't knock his dedication,” Warne told themillers.co.uk.

"In fairness, he said to me that if it wasn't Bolton, he'd have no interest in leaving. He's going to work with Flitty and Hilly who have been lifelong friends of his, and he's a supporter of the club who lives there too so there is no chance I would stand in the way of him.

"He was my roomie and my best mate for years, then he came back into my life to the point where I've seen him every day for the past few years. You just take things for granted and now he's gone again, so I'll miss him.”

"In my staff I have very serious characters, some semi-serious ones and then Polly who was not serious at all which worked quite well, Despite that, I'm really pleased for him because, fundamentally, I love the bloke and I want him to be happy. 

"Being a goalkeeper coach at Bolton, I'm sure that when he first pulls on the club tracksuit and looks at the badge it will mean the world to him. 

"The things that people don't see about Polly are great too. I always say that he's hilarious and he's great at cutting an atmosphere, but he was really supportive to me, He was always the first member of staff in and sometimes he'd say things which were little golden nuggets to me that I'd keep with me all day.

"As a coach he'd worked really hard with Marek Rodak and he brought him on no end to the stage he's at now playing in the Championship. Dan Iversen, Lewis Price and Laurence Bilboe got on really well with him as well, so they will miss him too I'm sure."