Tyrone Mings Has Made 7 Tackles This Season (That's Fewer Than Danny Welbeck) – and More Stats

Kyle Walker-Peters. Andre Gomes. Phil Foden. Ondrej Duda. DANNY WELBECK. What do all of these men have in common? 

That's right, they've made more Premier League tackles than Tyrone Mings this season. 

That's not an exhaustive list of players who have made more tackles this season than Mings, of course, because if it was an exhaustive list then it would have three hundred more names on it. ​

Neal Maupay,Tyrone Mings

There are 480 footballers who have made a Premier League appearance this season. Only 160 of them have made fewer tackles than Mings' seven (SEVEN!) – and 36 of those are goalkeepers. 57 of them have played fewer than 100 minutes of league football. 246 Premier League footballers this season have missed more tackles than Tyrone Mings has completed. 

Aaron Wan-Bissaka makes four tackles per game. Mings makes one every three games. 

If you go to an Aston Villa game, you are as likely to see Tyrone Mings take a shot at goal as you are to see him make a tackle. 

Has he committed more fouls than he's made tackles? You betcha! He's got five yellow cards to his seven successful tackles. 

Maybe this is all okay though. After all, as Paolo Maldini (possibly) said: "If I have to make a tackle then I have already made a mistake."

Joao Cancelo,Tyrone Mings

Interceptions, that's where it's at. Interceptions are for the top tier defenders. Interceptions, like what Mings has...17 of this season? That's fewer than one a game. 120 players have made more interceptions this season, including Willian, Dwight McNeil and Miguel Almiron. 

Alright, fine. He's blocked more than 20% more shots than anyone else in the league, and he's in the top ten for number of clearances. If you were a cynic, you might say 'oh good, that means he more or less performs the function of a training dummy on a track', but it's working! Aston Villa have the b---

Hang on. Aston Villa have the b---

Nope. Read that wrong. Aston Villa have the worst defensive record in the Premier League. 

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Source : 90min