Luke Williams talks about his team's recruitment

Last updated : 27 June 2022 By Magpie Mick

Williams said "There is an ongoing recruitment process, we are looking at players that have been looked at for a period of time.

"Players that myself or Ryan Harley have got experience of playing or working with so we are all bringing these different aspects to the table.

"There is that relevance that players have different options or become unavailable or players you thought were unavailable become available.

"There is plenty of scope and there is plenty of work going on there. It's been brilliant because there is so much information about these players, it is not like I have walked in the door and it's 'we think maybe this player or that player, have a look at them when you get a minute’.

"It's 'look, we know a lot about these guys and we are really convinced and want you to feel happy with it as well.’ Then, they become very easy decisions.

"Baldwin is kind of the other way around, because it is me that has got the experience of Aden and I know the character.

"I have seen him in the dressing room and day in and day out in training. I have seen him when we have been beaten heavily and how he bounces back, I have seen his qualities.

"I am OK to vouch for that, now I want the rest of their guys who are involved in the recruitment process to be happy as well.

"So they had my info and then they make their own decision as well and then we come to a conclusion to sign the player. I think the whole thing has been exactly as how it was explained to me and I am seeing it happen in front of my eyes."