Barks on transfers ahead of window closing

Last updated : 28 January 2022 By Millersmad

Speaking on the clubs Ifollow channel, Barker said; "For a fan It's a very exciting time because they enjoy watching the old photo with it with a scarf above their head in the new shirt and then what numbers are going to wear that for us it's a bit of a nightmare because you're trying to cram what used to be when we played 6-months work into one month."

"There's just a possibility of one or two moving on in the next couple of days and obviously we had a couple of conversations with a couple of people so I'll be amazied if anything changes before Saturday but it might be that there is an opportunity for one or two people to go and get more matchtime elsewhere."

"We've made it pretty clear that we don't want anybody here if they have an opportunity to play elsewhere,  if thier gametime here is limited then let them go and have a game."